Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Celebrating tiny baby tomato with roast chicken and Portuguese rosé

Dingle peninsula

I have my mother visiting me for 5 days, so we had a strong reason to leave Dublin and to go to see Ireland for the very first time in 8 months. Yes, 8 months in Ireland and the furthest that we had been until Saturday was Malahide. But not any more, now we have been alllllllll the way to the other side of the country, to Co. Kerry at the West Coast. We drove to Limerick and from there we made our way to Tralee, though smaller roads and beautiful countryside. In Tralee we spent a night in traditional B&B above the Pub. It was very convenient I must say, listening live music and having pints and then just few steps and you are in cosy bed. Well, lets be honest here now :P There was lots of noise too, but that was only first 10 min until I fell asleep :)

Me mother

This morning I noticed that my tomato plant is fully fertile and giving birth to tiny green baby tomatoes. Wiii ... it was blossoming for few weeks now, but didn't give any sign of tomatoes, so I was getting afraid that its a one lazy tomato plant. So you can imagine my joy this morning when I discovered the first tomato on it :D

Tomato nr.1

On Monday night I had 5 mouths to feed and I spotted a whole chicken in the supermarket, so thought, why not? Let's cook the whole darn chicken. I didn't follow any recipe. Just seasoned with salt and pepper, put some rosmary. When chicken had been in the oven for an hour I put the potatoes in the oven dish underneath the chicken and then gave it another 30 min or so.
The outcome was simple, very chickenny. Unfortunately there is no photo, because I forgot to take it and taking a photo of a dismantled chicken in the Tupperware box won't have the same impact. Next time then. And yes, there was lovely Portuguese rosé to accompany all this, given us by friends who went to Portugal this spring. So now was a good reason enough to open it. But as I said no photos this time, use your imagination, I don't want you to get your imagination spoiled :P

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