Saturday, 23 August 2008

Let's run a marathon

Think! This could be you.

Its in my nature to want challenges. Otherwise its boring. Now I came up with this silly idea about running a marathon.
It was one Saturday morning when I went to work and remembered that on that same day my colleague was about to run Helsinki marathon. And there I was dreaming until I got hooked up in this feeling that it must feel awesome when you run or walk or crawl over the finish line of marathon. And it takes about 3 hours of my time, so its not that bad, I can find that time :P
This whole idea about running a marathon is scary, but at the same time, it keeps on haunting me, so I am starting to think that I think I have to do it, to get rid of the ghost.

I was googeling little a bit about training for marathon and stuff. One source said that you should be running regularly every week at least a year before starting training for marathon. And lately my running routine has seriously faded. I will get back to running as soon as I get my life back into routine, I promise. At the moment there is holidays coming up and starting a new job, looking for a new house etc.

And I am not talking here running in 6 months. I am talking about setting a realistic goal to run in 2010, this gives enough time, to shake off that laziness, right.
I did e-mail to few people, 3 to be preicise. Two of them, men, said no right away. One of them, a woman, gave me a litte hope, that I might not be alone in this crazy thought. I'm not trying to say anything here ... hehe :)

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Anonymous said...

I'll support you by running in Italy!
'Cause the cold scared my running habbits away too...