Thursday, 14 August 2008

Meet Robert and other stories ...

Robert is our newcomer pet snail. We didn't buy Robert from a pet store or didn't pick him up from a bush in the park. Miraculously Robert came to us by itself. On Tuesday evening when we sat at the table to have dinner, Joao noticed a snail on the leg of the table (I don't know if you say "leg", but you know what I mean). A snail in the house, in 3rd floor apartment? How? Its a mystery till today? We gave him a little lettuce to nibble and called him Robert. He lives a happy life in my herb garden in the balcony, just few minutes ago when I checked he was conquering the rosemary bush.

Pet snail Robert and a proud owner

Over the weekend we got some serious rain here. You might think that here they are used to it, but this one seemed to be over the limit. Roads were flooded and people locked into the house and out of the house. We even got two refugees in our house to wait the traffic jams to calm down. Because some of the roads were flooded, then the accessible ones got serious traffic. Supposebly it was a madness, something that people can talk about next 10 years. Where I was, on my 3rd floor apartment, I didnt notice much difference. Yes, meanwhile it seemed to rain so much that I didnt see the other apartment buildings next to mine, but that was about it. Oh yes and few days later, when taking a walk to the park, we found it closed on one side, because there was an ocean.

Northwood ocean

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