Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Italy resumé

It took me 4 days to set up this post. I know I promised some people photos of Venice as soon as I am back, but my "very fast" internet connection has set limits to it. Plus my mother came on Wednesday midnight, so I have been busy hosting her.
Now, our 5 day trip to Italy and Venice was everything that I expected and even more. We could experience a true summer weather with beach, lot of relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, good food and very good company of many friendly Italians and 2 Portuguese.

Joana, our host and Joao somewhere in Padova

Day 1 Joana picked us up from Padova autostazione and guided us to her place where we could drop our bags and dress into summer clothes, because in Italy they have a summer. Then we met our driver Lorenzo, who took as all to the sunny beach of Lignano (I think this was the name :S). It got cloudy as soon as we arrived to the beach, but this didn't stop us to take a first summer dip and enjoy the beach. Eventually it got sunny and we kicked some ball.

Kicking the ball

Day 2 continued in the rhythm of beach life, by the end of the day we were back in Padova to meet Alessandro, Joana's second half. As Italian and a true master of pasta, Alessandro made us a lovely dinner of chilli spaghetti with fresh tomatoes.
Day 3 was a trip to Venice. It is as beautiful as you see in the pictures. Where ever you go, there is a possible Kodak moment. We spent around 5 hours walking around with our very very patient tour guide Joana. I won't make a long speech here, pictures will talk for themselves with a little help from the caption.

Breakfast at Ale's house

First buy in Venice, water

One of many canal photos

Colourful building

"3 pieces of ravioli please" - Pasta

It was still first half of the Venice trip, so the spirits were high

Our lunch: bread bought from Jewish ghetto, ham from butchers and cheese from cute Italian supermarket

Tourists stopped in front of pretty clock tower

They were feeding me to the pigeons of Basilica di San Marco

Palazzo Ducale

They didn't bang their heads. They must have been trying it out before then

Beautiful pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta

View on Grand Canal from a bridge



Venice - Grand Canal

So all this was Venice. There was a day 4 with walks in Padova market on Prato della Valle square. Joao made a great bought of new sunglasses after he got his previous sunglasses wrecked in the beach by a kid. But one photo below all this was long forgotten and everyone was happiiiiiiiiii.

Sunglasses models

A very warm day 4 finished on a graduation party of Alessandros friend, somewhere in nearby mountains. It was a lovely warm summer night, with many happy people. Million thanks to the party guy who invited us.

The Pasta Gang
tomatoes - Joana
pasta - Alessandro
observer - Aire
special effects - Whisky

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Anonymous said...

Please, come back more often! Next time, we should go to Tuscany (i've never been there, so that's my "must")