Sunday, 13 July 2008

Guinness Brewery

Another tourist attraction in Dublin seen. It was actually a week ago already, last Sunday, that we went there. Its me being very, very delayed. I am having this blog around half a year now and most of the times I still cannot remember that I should write here on more permanent basis. I try to improve.
So Guinness. "Good child has many names", as we say in Estonia. They say its a Storehouse, Brewery and the most odd a Museum. It does explain the history of Guinness and everything surrounding it. Ingredients, making process, transport, but the educational part in this "museum" is very small. All they want to do is sell their beer and increase the profits. Oh and in the booklet they promised that visitor can pull his own draft and get a certificate and all, but we didn't find such thing. As a good consumer I must say that the most enjoyable part is the top floor with magnificent panoramic view on Dublin City and pint a fresh and creamy Guinness. The most amazing thing was when we acclaimed our free pint. Girl in the bar made a shamrock (ristikhein) on the foam. It was very pretty.
Concentrate the eyes on pint on the left, that's mine, thirsty Joao already wrecked his.

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