Tuesday, 15 July 2008


My blog went through complete transformation to the brighter side. When I opened an account in Blogger I didn't have a clear vision how should it look like. So I have been changing it and trying out layouts. Now I can say I like it, its my new baby. To celebrate the transformation I baked so much loved in our house Chocolate Crinkles. The recipe is form Joy of Baking once again. I have been exploring this website and continue to do so.
These Crinkles are brownie like cookies with nice soft texture and rich chocolate taste, which makes them more than just cookies. Dough is very easy to make, keeping it in the refrigerator for few hours makes the process a little longer and demands some planning. I tend to make the dough on the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight.
What I like about the Crinkles is that they are nice bite size, when ready baked about 3cm in diameter. I would call them figure friendly. You know how brownies are always a very generous square and its impossible to eat half now and leave the other half for later. Who does that? With Crinkles there is no need to make those crucial decisions, because they are tinier but still have all the flavour.

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