Thursday, 5 February 2009


Now, since the bread was finished this morning, I had to bake another one to keep my man's belly singing. Yes, it seems that I am one of those women who bakes her own bread. At least for now that I don't have kids hanging on my thighs while trying to manage in the kitchen. Who know, by the time I have 7 kids I feed them all sliced bread from plastic bags, because baking bread is at the end of my list and therefore I never get there. I do have to admit that I like baking, its not just the man's belly that I try to satisfy. I find in nice, to smell the baking in the house and overall challenge myself. So far, even if I use the same recipe, no beard comes the same, somehow its always different. Also, when coming to read the bag of those breads that we can buy in supermarket, I cant but wonder, why is it when I make a bread I only put flour, salt, water and yeast, but when they make it, they find loads of other crap to put in it. So, I make my own and it simple.
This time I went wild and decided to try new recipe. Google helped me out here. In Portugal they eat Cornbread and so far Portuguese that I have met, all like it alot. I borrowed the recipe from
David Leite.

Unfortunately soup is fake, from a powder. But the bread came out delish.

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