Tuesday, 24 February 2009

2 in 1:Shrove Tuesday+Independence Day

Meal is served ...

Now this year's last Tuesday in February happens to be with double celebrations. Shrove Tuesday that travels every year to a different Tuesday, happens to be on a same day with Estonian Independence Day. I am not a big patriot of my country, but since it is a day off it gives an opportunity for a family to get together, cook, eat and relax together. And so it is in our family. I came traveled to Estonia for a week and my brother also came to my mothers house where we had a little festive lunch with simple and delicious foods.
For apperizers we baked some canapes on puff pastry. Filling them in with various fillings that we could find from the fridge, like: ham, salami, pickeld wild mushrooms, tomato, sundried tomato, mozzarella, blue cheese.

Finger food

Main dish came from my suggestion to make oven potatoes. Every family in Estonia is familiar with oven potatoes. Our grandmothers would make it in wooden ovens and this would give a special touch and crispiness, but even simple electric oven will do the job.

Simple pleasures

For desserts there was several suggestions, but mine and Karina's won. My suggestion was Tart with lingonberries and Karina's wish was traditional buns for Shrove Tuesday. Photos are talking for themselves.

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