Monday, 29 September 2008

Back to school

I have started on a new full time job which means that in the evenings I am extremely tired and on my days off I just want to rest, rest, rest.
This coming weekend I will start a physiotherapy course which means that my free time will be even more limited. I promise that I don't leave my dear blog, I try to get to it at least once a month. There comes Daring Bakers to help me, because I have to keep up with those guys, which means I will be here publishing it. I must admit that I am taking a braking from Daring Bakers in September and it's only my second month with them :D Bad, bad girl.
I am not the only one going to school. Joao already started his Masters last week. So we will be one knowledge greedy family. All for the sake of hopefully being able to have comfortable life one day.

Why is this rabbit with a hula-hoop hanging in the toilet? Probably because he didn't invest in his youth ...

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