Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Portugal - Food, Fun and Ferias

I haven't died or ditched my dear blog. We were on a holiday to Joao's house in Portugal to catch little bit of sun and enjoy all the goodies that this country has to offer.
It was 2 weeks of pure holiday fun with beach, friends and family, wedding, good food in enormous quantities etc.
We flew to Faro this time. Ticket was more affordable and also we wanted to make sure we get our obligatory dose of beach. In Algarve the chances of getting it are higher. Over all we had a great time there, although the whole place is not quite Portugal. Its very tourist orientated, all the music and even restaurants for them, with pasta and pizza, fish and chips. Albufeira still has nice scenery, lower buildings and small town like environment. Highly recommended!

Algarve with its beach. Yummy piri-piri shrimps. Beach with obligatory beach food, Bolas de Berlim pastry.

Next stop was wedding of Miz and Justin. Can you belive that it was my frist time to be in a wedding? Well, there was one time before. My aunts wedding, but I hear that I was 2 years old then, so I have no actual memory of it.
They got married in the Monastery of Alcobaca and this holy ritual was fallowed by a huge and yummy dinner. If I say huge, then I mean HUGE. Of course Portuguese might argue with me here and say that this is nothing because in the old days it was even better and more fooooooooood. Fooooood for 2 days!!! Hehehe. They certainly appreciate eating well and I must admit that me too :P Miz and Justin were beautiful and we had a good time. Oh and by the way the wedding cake was very good :)

The wedding dinner was held in a very nice wine farm. In the centre is the girl who catched the bouquet - wedding bells are ringing, wedding bells are ringing ... hehe :)

Friends forever - after plenty of wine.

Friends of the bride, the fashion ones :P

This time I actually remembered to photograph the food, sometimes. This is of course only a fraction of meals that I had in there. And I only notice now that I dont have a photo of Pastel de nata! Pastel de Nata!!! How can it be??? It only means one thing, I need to go back!

Portuguese goodies

As I mentioned earlier we went for Albufeira for the beach and sea, but it turned out that the sea was actually more pleasant in Nazare and surroundings. The sea was wild as usually and it's needed to be very cautious specially if you're like me and you can't swim. I enjoy going to the sea a lot though. Going to beach and not being able to go to the sea, it feels like being entire day in pyjamas, just doesn't feel right.

Vale Furado beach with a Spiderman

Staying at Joao's house it's impossible to be kept away from the natives, so in our busy agenda we could push some quality time with his family, friends and nosy neighbours.

Kids are so cute, if they are not yours

In the end we can say that we had a very good time in Portugal.

lõpp ... fim ...


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oh God... yes! Portuguese food! One week more of Pasta and... pasta... and I'll get to grandma Glória's yummy dinners!

I'm so sick of pasta...

And thank you for the fashion people note :D Fuck yeah!