Wednesday, 29 October 2008

New house

We would like to inform you that we have moved. Our new address is:
4 ****** *****

****** *******


******* 6

You surely understand that for safety reasons I cannot actually write my new address here, but if you need it to send Christmas cards, give me a shout and I email it to you.
We managed to get a bargain. We got a 2 bedroom house for the price of 1 bedroom flat. We have back garden for bbq and for my herb garden and summer tomatoes.
The guys with a van who helped us to move said that this is a posh area. I don't mind posh as long as its safe and quiet, but I do mind posh if shops and services are expensive. Last night we went to local Superquinn and paid fortune for chicken breast. Today I managed to locate Aldi and got twice as much goods for less money than I paid yesterday. Crazy!

We moved in yesterday. Didn't get the heat working then, I was all grumpy and slept with 2 blankets. Today I made phone calls to Landlord and landlords little helper. At the beginning it seemed that things got super, heat working and all, but now its still the same as yesterday, heat doesnt work, keeps switching off. Either I am dumb or thing is really faulty. And now the little helper doesnt answer the phone any more because its past 5pm. Another night with 2 blankets and I leave it for Joao to figure out tomorrow as he has a day off.

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