Thursday, 31 December 2009

Serious thought from the last day of 2009

I have been secretly worried about the Earth for some time now. But like most people, there's the conscious, but not knowing what can I do to help.

For a start I am suggesting you to see the film The Age of Stupid to get your mind set. There is also another motivating film In Transition 1.0 that gives you clear examples how people are genuinely worried and trying to get us out of this mess.

But nothing gets done if 0.1% people are involved. And lets face it most people are not even aware of the climate change issue. All they hear from the news is that government is introducing tax on CO emission and average (stupid) mind feels upset and thinks that all they do is increase taxes, how can I buy that new plasma tv now!

If that average person would take a proactive approach on climate warming and think about the little things they can do by sustainable living perhaps then there wouldn't be needed to have a tax on CO2 emission. Is it too much to ask from people to think?

Bottom line. I could make a big speech, but I won't and I'll let you do the searching. The main thing is to find ways to greener future. No one is going to knock on your door and tell you what you need to do next. Maybe in some places they are, but think how much money they are spending on it, by running a campaign to explain common sense. Simply start from this:
1) Please see these films.
2) Stop consuming!!! You don't need all those THINGS!
3) Eat local foods.

Good Bye 2009!

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