Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas in Ireland celebrated with Pixies

In deed here we are back to the jolly season of christmas where all the beggars look cute and overweight baby Jesus will come to visit us.

I must confess I've been naughty but I still hope on my luck to get some candy in my sock.

To celebrate the holy holiday once again we're holding a little dinner/tea to the lonely souls of Dublin emigrants (3 in total). Of course there are other reasons involved, mostly the satisfaction of our stomachs with an unreasonable sized meal. I don't know how can I still consider having a feast, after being in Portugal for 10 days eating like a true swine, but I guess it's in my culture.

The preparations started quite ahead of the happening and for a change we're on schedule this time.

For this years menu we have Presunto with Melon (Yes, we found a melon in December! Go Carbon Footprint!) and a selection of filled (enchidos) and cheese. For the main meal we are having a pheasant stew with roasted potatoes and veggies. Aire is also intending to eat Sauerkraut, but not me! Blerg! (go and see in wikipedia).

Appetiser: chourico (sem cedilha), melon, presunto,cheese


Main meal: wild pheasant, roasted potatoes and veggies, sauerkraut

For dessert we're counting on an industrial tiramisu, which tastes much better than it sounds.

Industrial tiramisu, but still very good judging by the leftovers...

A selection of Portuguese pastries is still available for the strongest stomachs.

Pasteis de nata and Brendeiras de Natal

All this will go side by side with good wine brought all the way from home inside the ultra protective surfing booties!

No image available

With the christmas lights on, some candles here and there and a nice smell of cooking in the house, Merry Christmas everyone! Um Feliz Natal para todos! Häid jõule kõigile!
Enjoy yourselves, wherever and whoever you are...

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