Thursday, 29 May 2008

Laikus, laiskus mine ära!

Laiskus, laiskus mine ära means laziness, laziness go away. Indeed, I hope that just saying this would help, but God know it won't...
So meanwhile I was in Estonia for one week and now I am back with whole. Its been a nice week, getting the rest since I am still unemployed, but surprisingly calm about it. Something will come along I have a good feeling about it. Meanwhile my old job called me back to do few nights in a week. I said yes, this way I at least keep on earning milk and bread money and Joao won't kick me out :P
I have to take a walk to a post office now, to send a package to Karina, since some of the stuff I bought her for a present was way too small, so I promised to send a replacement.
Picking up fresh strawberries from Farmers market wouldn't be bad idea either :)

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