Saturday, 26 June 2010

Rustic rhubarb tarts from scratch

Finally I was able to shake off that don't-feel-like-cooking-mood and bake something. Its a beautiful summer day and its the last time to make something with rhubarb before its out of the season.
Month a go or so this recipe caught my eye while reading beautiful smitten kitchen blog where you can find the recipe, just like I did.
So I started off making the rhubarb compote to fill in my tarts. I wont bother to repeat the whole thing here, as I blindly followed her recipe and instructions. Plus, I have to follow the World Cup with the one eye (excuses, excuses, excuses), so where do I take this time to type it all in here :P
They came out pretty good. I can't belive that I say this but I would put some more sugar in the dough and suggest to eat the warm thing with scoop of vanilla ice cream. I just didn't have any, but you should get some when attempting this recipe.

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