Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Three dinners

In past 2 weeks or so, I had some divine dinners. Nothing too complex to make, but complex enough to satify the senses.

Bacalau a bras

This is a typical dish from Portugal and very much loved in there. Bacalau is typical salted cod in Portugal. Dish is easy enough to make, but little bit time consuming as all the ingredients: cod, potatos, onion, garlic, eggs are required to boil or fry separately and then mixed all together. Its worth the effort though.

Shrimps in chilli sauce

Another easy meal. Shrimps cooked with onion, garlic, olive oli, white wine and chilli. Nice fresh salad and tomato rice on a side. I must admit that this meal was also inspired by Portugal. I remembered having shimps with piri-piri last year when on holiday in Albufeira.

Warm bread with fresh mozzarella and tomato

It was a bread baking day and since we are not big eaters then this fresh bread with some mozzarella and tomato and once again fresh salad on the side became a yummy dinner.

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Liisi said...

Jou! Kle kuidas sa leiba teed, kas tavalises ahjus? Ja mis retsepti järgi?