Sunday, 15 March 2009

Camera action!

Dear fellow bloggers,

I am asking little help from you. Our Sony digital camera has died. Doesn't blink an eye, so it means that I need to get a new one and fast, because I have Daring Bakers challenge to cook and post. My question for you dear friends is: are you satisfied with a camera you use and let me know what type is it? Also perhaps leave me your blogs address as well, so I can check out the images that you have taken with it.
Oh and I am talking about digital compact cameras. I wont be getting a big one, since I want it for travels as well and I won't have much patience to walk around all day with something excessive to carry. My own bum is enough already :)
So folks I'd appreciate if you drop me a line :P


1 comment:

mary said...

If you change you mind about the size (and obviously the quality as well) of a camera and want to carry a big camera with you all day long:D then I suggest Nikon D40;)