Sunday, 14 December 2008

"Happymusic" concert

Friday I went to a concert of I'm from Barcelona and I must state that it has been my best concert experience ever. I don't have huge record of concert experiences, but I have been seeing some big names in huge stadium concerts. I have figured out already for some long time ago, that huge concerts are not as enjoyable to the audience as concerts held in smaller venues. So there you go, that's why the concert on Friday gets extra 100 bonus points on the enjoyment scale.
Concert on Friday was in a small venue and for that it was perfect. In a small space it's this intimacy between the band and the audience. Plus those guys used balloons to create interaction, it was great. They had huge red balloons released, so balloons were bouncing between them and the crowd. Such a simple thing, but everyone seemed to want to be able to give a kick to it when it was approaching over the heads. Poor little people they had no chance :D Also because the band had been formed of 20 something friends, there is great party scenery on the stage, so it is impossible not to get caught with it. Great stuff!!!
They were mostly singing songs from their new album which I didn't know yet, but of course there were couple of songs from the old one for everyone to sing along. Let me tell you, you want them to your party, its a recession and maybe you cannot afford them but you can afford buying a CD. Oh and since we are close to Christmas, you can write to Santa to get you a CD ;)

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