Monday, 28 January 2008

Are the Mondays blue?

Waking up on a Monday morning at 6.57 is a crime, but this is what we do, to get the means for all the comforts that we desire. Thank god I don't have cows to milk or pigs to feed ... or maybe ... well, there's another thought behind that...
So, "me is going" to jump in the middle of the floor to get those mummys in shape and Joao is managing a ward full of old people and crazy care assistants. Old people who pay a fortune, so their complaints would be listened with a patience. Care assistants who dream about doing nurses jobs, because it is so much easier. Isn't it ironic how we always seems to notice that our bosses do nothing. All they do, is order you around and read newspaper. Or, when sharing apartment, you feel that you are the only one who is cleaning. Ok, many times, maybe your boss is doing nothing and maybe you really are the only one who is cleaning, but have you thought that it might be the inner conflict. You're never really happy. Asking, more, more, more. Wanting to do better, receive more, be slimmer, want a plasma tv, bigger boobs etc. Maybe its the ambition, in that case very good, but maybe just complaining. I'm going to turn my Monday to a different colour. I'll make it yellow :)

Here we have a perfect example of an ambition. Desire to get to the other side, to the better side.

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